The mother of a ten-month-old baby girl who died after she was left in a car is to seek damages from the girl's grandfather, who had forgotten that the baby was in the car.

On 10 August, the mother went to a nursery in Manacor just after four in the afternoon to collect the child. She was told that the baby was not there. She phoned her husband and he in turn contacted his father, the grandfather. He had left the baby in the car at seven o'clock that morning. He was meant to have taken her to the nursery. He forgot to do this and forgot that he had even left the baby in the car.

A court in Manacor has heard that the mother is seeking damages. The father does not wish to press charges. The 56-year-old grandfather yesterday gave statements to the court. He was placed under investigation for reckless homicide.

A medical report has established that the grandfather has no mental health complaint that could have caused him to forget. Rather, it was an act of tragic carelessness.

The autopsy confirmed that the child had died of heatstroke. In Manacor on that day, highs were around 31C.