For some months, residents of Soller have expressed their concerns about the increase in graffiti - the urban art variety and the more simple and purely vandalistic style.

The graffiti has appeared on rocks and dry stone walls. It is at the Filadora children's playground. A few days ago, the public washhouses were affected. Fortunately, it was only on the concrete and not the stonework. Residents are now calling for the town hall to increase surveillance to clean up the areas that have been affected.

At the washhouse on calle Isabel II there is a great deal of rubbish as well as the graffiti. Local youths tend to gather at this place. With the graffiti having now appeared, a debate has been reopened as to whether it should be closed or remain open as a public place with heritage value.

Elsewhere in Soller, graffiti appeared on the concrete walls of the Mayor torrent some years ago. Now it is in places where it is more visible, such as on beach rocks, on the walls along the camino Muleta and in the small square in Santa Catalina.

The graffiti style suggests it is the work of one person or one group. At present, though, the police have identified no one and nor has the town hall's youth affairs service.

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