Israel wants to attract tourists from Majorca and investment in the country's tourist hotels.

Dolores Pérez Frías, the director of Israel's national tourism bureau in Spain and Portugal, who started a visit to Majorca on Tuesday, says that there are historical and cultural links that go back centuries because of a significant Jewish culture in Majorca. The island is therefore perceived as a tourism market for Israel.

She points to Air Europa's air links between Madrid and the main tourism area of Eilat but explains that Israel currently has a limited supply of hotel accommodation. There are only 53,000 hotel beds. The tourism bureau is therefore looking for interest among Majorca's hoteliers to redevelop hotels, which are mostly two or three stars, and to help in the growth of foreign tourism. Incentives "of all kinds" are said to be on offer.

For visitors from Majorca, there are various packages. One of these costs around 1,500 euros for ten days and includes excursions to Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, the Dead Sea and the Masada fortification.