The killer of Sacramento Roca, her ex-partner Rafael Pantoja, is said to be speaking to no one and to be on anti-depressants. He is in the medical wing at Palma prison and has been assigned "shadow prisoners", trusted inmates who keep an eye on him 24 hours a day in case he tries to harm himself.

The wing is a quiet area of the prison and currently accommodates some thirty prisoners. Pantoja is expected to remain there for up to three months. The prison psychologist and educator will eventually make an assessment to see if he is ready to move to a regular part of the prison.

The funeral for Sacramento Roca was held at the Sant Marçal Church in Marratxi on Thursday evening. She was murdered on Friday afternoon last week. Pantoja, who had at one time worked as a security guard at the same Conforama shopping complex in Palma, said that he wanted to return a photo to her. Fellow workers warned Sacramento that he was in the centre, but she didn't want him to be ejected. Moments later he stabbed her eleven times with a thirty centimetre-long blade.