Between January and July, the Emaya municipal services agency in Palma issued 44 denunciations for leaving junk on the streets at times when collections were not scheduled. Another 558 were raised for dumping rubbish next to containers and not in them. Maximum fines for doing this are 750 euros. The total of 602 sanctions is lower than the 886 over the same period in 2017.

Sixteen people were fined for not picking up dog mess. Emaya accepts this number is low as it is difficult to identify offenders. There were also 95 fines for dirtying the public way, eighteen for dumping rubble or building waste, three for illegal publicity and six for spillages into drains. There were in all, therefore, 740 sanctions for environmental offences. January was the month when most were committed - 133.

For the most part, offences were committed by private individuals. But bars, shops and residents communities were among others.