Three new access lanes are going to be added to the Palma ring road, the via de cintura, they are going to be built in order to ease traffic congestion and reduce traffic jams at peak times.

The decision was approved yesterday by the Majorcan Mobility Commission and access to the ring road is going to improve for traffic coming from Inca on to the motorway, as a new access road will be introduced.

In future traffic from Inca will no longer have to change lanes and turn off in the direction of Andratx to join the ring road. This will involve the existing lanes being made slightly narrower and the speed limit being reduced from 120 kmph to 80. The second access improvement is going to be from the airport.

Currently there is only a single lane to join the via cintura or traffic has to use the Cal Blau roundabout in the direction of Manacor, in order to ease the situation a second access lane is going to be built.

Once these two access roads to the Ma-19 have been completed, a third lane from the start of the Ma-19 to the Estadio Balear will be introduced to ease congestion along the stretch of road and similar speed limit reductions will be introduced to improve road safety.

Work is due to start at the beginning of next year.