Following the Guardia Civil’s major operation against a gang of burglars on Wednesday, the criminal police have been investigating how the gang got hold of information about the properties.

People who had worked at the luxury properties are suspects.The houses were in Palma, Andratx, Calvia and Esporles, and the burglaries would seem to have had a similar pattern. Based on security camera footage from one property, the Guardia have determined that they would have lasted no more than four minutes and that burglars went straight to where the safes were located.

Top of the list of suspects of those who supplied information are former cleaners and women who had some sort of work at the houses. Investigators have also ascertained that a tool was used to break cylinder locks in under ten seconds. In one instance, 200,000 euros were taken from a safe. In another, there were 125,000 euros. In total, the Guardia estimate that more than a half a million euros were stolen.

Four addresses in Palma have been searched. A fake pistol was found at one property. This is believed to have been stolen from a house in Palma. Officers recovered around 5,000 euros during the raids. Most of the stolen money, it is thought, was sent to the mainland.
Three people are under arrest and three others are implicated. One of the six is just seventeen years old. A court appearance has been scheduled for today.