The beach bar would disappear under government plans. | Assumpta Bassa

Santanyi town hall is insisting that the government amends the draft of the plan for the Mondragó Nature Park and allows beach services during the tourism season. Under the draft plan, these would be prohibited.

The Partido Popular, which governs in Santanyi, cannot understand why Mondragó would be subject to different regulations to those which apply to the Es Trenc Nature Park in Campos. At that beach, six demountable beach bar chiringuitos are allowed along with some other services.

The most recent version of the draft was presented towards the end of September. The PP at the town hall have been greatly concerned by the numerous prohibitions and limitations which apply to both private and public land. They specify, for instance, a limitation on access that has always been used by residents of the area and the ban on beach services (these would include beach bars).

The proposed demolition of the chiringuito on the Fonts de n'Alis beach and the elimination of services would, the town hall says, result in the loss of jobs and of half a million euros revenue for the town hall. The removal of certain services would also mean that a loss of eligibility for Blue Flags.

There is particular criticism of the fact that the government uses images of beaches in the park for promotion at tourism fairs, yet "it now wants to eliminate services for tourists and residents".