The migration rate of Balearic citizens now shows a positive trend. | Archive

Balearic citizens who had emigrated are returning to the islands. This is another conclusion from the latest figures issued by the National Statistics Institute.

Over the first six months of the year, 1,140 Spaniards returned to the Balearics, while 685 left. The positive balance of 455 confirms a trend since 2015. For the whole of that year, the positive figure was 210. It fell to 45 in 2016 and went up to 517 last year. It seems likely, therefore, that the balance for the whole of 2018 will be well up over 2017.

The negative figures were registered during the years of economic crisis, with the highest negative balance (-657) having been in 2013. The emigration in that year was 1,680, while the number of citizens who returned was 1,023.

Cumulative data from 2008 up to June this year show a negative balance of -2,209, with 11,761 citizens having returned.