The finding that there are too many people is not a new one.

Findings from the sixth Balearic Ecobarometer were presented yesterday. This survey of public opinion regarding environmental concerns shows that "massification" (overcrowding) - human and vehicle - water quality and supply and cleanliness head the list.

With regard to water, 78% of opinion is worried about a reduction in reserves of fresh water. Worries about water quality have gone 13% to 76% since the last survey in 2016.

There is also an increasing concern with dependence on energy supply from the mainland (up eleven points since the 2016 survey). There is wide support for the use of renewable energy sources, but 86% criticism of the lack of incentives and aid for their installation.

Despite the apparent concern with vehicle overcrowding (traffic congestion), 47% of respondents believe that the road infrastructure is sufficient; 41% consider it to be adequate.

There is a general perception that environmental quality is going down. For the first time, the survey reports a positive perception that is below 50%.