The rain was at its heaviest in October in the Sant Llorenc area.


Although there are not yet definitive data for December, Aemet reports that 2018 was the third wettest year since the current system of record-keeping began.

There was hardly any rain in December, meaning that 2018 has been pushed down to third. Up to the end of November, 2018 had been the second wettest year, surpassed only by 1969. Aemet says that 2018 was among the five wettest years since 1965 and the three wettest this century.

The autumn was when rainfall was at its heaviest. September had started out dry and ended with there having been 29% less rain than usual. In October, on the other hand, there was 26% more rain than normal, while November had 32% more.

The most intense rainfall was registered on 9 October - 232.8 litres per square metre in four hours were recorded at the Colonia Sant Pere weather station. This rainfall was what led to the tragic deaths of thirteen people on that day.

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