The driver's door was smashed.


Calvia police and the Guardia Civil have been given full descriptions of nine youths involved in what amounted to an assault on a female bus driver.

The incident occurred on a 104 bus that operates between Palma and Paguera via Magalluf. Nine youths at the back of the bus were playing loud music, smoking and causing a nuisance to other passengers.

The driver stopped the bus and asked them to leave. Their response was described as "thuggish". They shouted insults at the driver, and once off the bus, four of them started hitting windows. The glass in the driver's door was smashed. Part of the glass crashed into the driver's stomach. The impact caused her to fall, hit her head and momentarily lose consciousness. Passengers went to her assistance, and the police and Guardia arrived on the scene.

She was taken to a medical centre and treated for injuries to her head, arms, hands and leg.