A doll with the name and face of Jorge Campos was "hanged".


Jorge Campos, the president of Actúa-Vox, the Balearic branch of Vox, has denounced to the National Police what he alleges were death threats made against him by members of the pro-independence youth group Arran.

This arose because of events on Sunday evening when a rag doll with a photo of Campos and his name was hanged from a lamp post. Campos also denounced those who had been responsible for what was a demonstration in favour of Balearic sovereignty. Among those who took part in the rally were the Balearic government's environment minister, Vicenç Vidal of Més, and Joan Tardà, a member of Congress for the ERC, Esquerra Republicana Catalunya.

Campos observed that these parties support the regional and national governments. "Through their exacerbated radicalism, they occupy institutions thanks to PSOE."

He insisted that in five months time (when the elections are held), "we will remove them from power, so that the Balearics do not become a new separatist Catalonia". Until then, he trusted, the "threats will not go unpunished".

The right-wing association Valores en Baleares also issued a statement condemning what it considered to be threats made against Campos and also against the King, who was mocked up as another rag doll.

On Sunday evening, insults were hurled by groups in favour of and against independence and the concept of the Catalan Lands. The ceremony to honour King Jaume I at his statue in Plaça Espanya, Palma, as part of the Festival of the Standard has been a flashpoint for these types of incident in recent years.