Jorge Campos has denounced Arran in the past.


The National Police are reviewing images of protests staged in Palma on the evening of 30 December and are investigating possible hate crimes directed at the leader of Actúa-Vox, Jorge Campos, and King Felipe.

The radical youth organisation Arran hanged rag dolls to represent Campos and the King. In reference to the Majorcan rapper Valtonyc, currently in exile in Belgium, there was a Twitter statement by Arran which blamed Campos for "repression of freedom of expression". It was a denunciation of Valtonyc by Campos which started the process that led to the rapper being given a 42-month prison sentence. Arran also called for "fascism in Majorca" to be toppled.

Campos denounced what happened on 30 December. The police have thus far not identified who hanged the dolls, while it may be the case that they hold the organisers of the protest - the Bloc d'Unitat Popular - responsible for what took place.

This is not the first time that Campos and Arran have clashed. Last year, Campos and ex-Balearic president José Ramón Bauzá denounced Arran for posters which described them both as fascists. In 2011, there was a court case that ended in minimum fines (of twenty euros) for five members after Campos had denounced them. Where the King is concerned, an incident at a previous 30 December protest was archived by the courts. An image had been burned, but the court decided that it wasn't clear if the image had been that of the King.

As well as this, the police are investigating "ultras", Real Mallorca supporters, who sought to disrupt an event that Arran were holding at Es Baluard in Palma.