December in Majorca was sunny and quite warm.

01-01-2017Xesca Serra

December in the Balearics was slightly warmer than usual and was also drier than normal. The average temperature was 12.4C, which was 0.8C warmer, while there were five fewer rainy days than usual in Majorca, six fewer in Minorca and two fewer in Ibiza. The average of 12.4C matched that of Majorca. In Minorca and Formentera the average was higher - up to 13.3C in Formentera - and lower in Ibiza (11.8C).

The highest temperatures were between 3 and 6 December, with the maximum having been 25.2C in Calvia on 4 December. Some local records were beaten. The Portopi (Palma) weather station, 23.1C on 9 December, was an example. The coldest temperature was -1.9C at the Son Torrella (Escorca) weather station on 18 December.

Average rainfall across the Balearics was 30.8 litres per square metre. Minorca was the driest island. There was an average of 22.1 litres, 64% lower than usual. in Majorca it was 32.4 litres, 51% lower. The wettest day was 14 December, and the wettest place was the Sa Vinyassa station in Soller with 86.5 litres per square metre.

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