All-inclusive legislation, it has been claimed, would reduce drunken tourism.


As has been reported previously, the government's legislative agenda is running out of time. Parliament will be dissolved in April, and there are items of legislation which look certain to be shelved. The most notable of these is legislation for all-inclusive hotels.

The tourism ministry is said to have spent the past two years drafting regulations for all-inclusives that would limit the availability of alcohol. This is only one aspect of the legislation but it has proved to be the most contentious. It is also said that the text of the legislation is more or less complete. However, as well as the fact that time is running out, it is known that there are disagreements between PSOE and Més. President Armengol would seemingly be content to let legislation be held back.

Other items of legislation which are unlikely to be passed include one to do with addictions and another that would stop smoking in private vehicles and on covered terraces with more than two sides.

By the end of the current parliament, if other items of legislation proceed as expected, the government will have introduced 59 new laws.