The Council of Majorca's guide.

06-01-2019Consell de Mallorca

The Council of Majorca has published a guide to urban birds in Majorca - "Petita guia de les aus urbanes de Mallorca". In so doing, the author and illustrator, Toni Muñoz and Cati Artigues, wish to highlight the richness of birdlife in urban areas and to increase awareness of conservation.

The guide is in four languages - Catalan, Castellano, German and English - and there are 2,000 copies for each language. At the presentation for the guide, Cati Artigues explained that sixty species are covered and that they are easy to observe. She added that the general public tend not to notice the diversity of birdlife in urban environments.

Toni Muñoz suggested that birds by and large are only paid attention to if there is a problem, such as cleanliness. However, the presence of the different types of bird is an indication of environmental quality. "We should value them, but first we have to get to know them."

Cosme Bonet, the councillor for economic affairs with responsibility for tourism, observed that the guide is very useful in enabling birds to be recognised. He noted that various town halls have produced their own material related to ornithology but that the guide gives information for the whole of Majorca. "It is invaluable for residents and tourists."

As well as identifying the birds, the guide also indicates where they are typically to be found, be this by the coast, by torrents or lagoons, in wooded areas, in urban meadows, in gardens or by terraces.

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