The increased residents discount has contributed to more flights.


Figures from the state air navigation company Enaire show that Balearic airports have a daily average of some 100 more flights this winter than they did last winter.

At Palma's Son Sant Joan, there were increases of 6.8% and 13.6% in October and November respectively - 33,640 and 9,833 flights - and an accumulated rise of 20.4%. There were more passengers than ever before in November - 1,015,210 (arrivals and departures).

At Ibiza airport, there were increases of 5.9% and 6.4% for those two months (6,657 and 2,465 flights). At Mahon, there were 2,420 and 1,134 flights, up by 11.7% and 16.9%.

There are two main reasons for the increases - efforts being made to tackle the effects of tourism seasonality over the winter months and the increase in the residents flight discount to 75%.