Pipper when he was in Segovia.


Pipper, the dog tourism "influencer", was first highlighted in the Bulletin in June. A Parson Russell Terrier, Pipper was the idea of the Castile and León regional government's tourism ministry, and he was going on tour for a year not just to promote the region but the whole of Spain. The aim of the initiative is to highlight dog-friendly establishments - hotels, restaurants and so on - in fifty destinations.

The dog has some 50,000 social media followers. Videos and photos have been highlighting his travels, which this week have taken him to Madrid for the San Antonio (Sant Antoni) fiestas and specifically the blessing of animals.

The creator of the "Pipper On Tour" project, Pablo Muñoz Gabilondo, points to there being a large number of "positive examples" of dog friendliness, and highlights the case of Palma, where commercial centres permit dogs, as do certain bus routes and restaurants. Some even have menus for dogs.

Less accommodating is, for example, Las Palmas in Gran Canaria, where dogs cannot be walked along a five-kilometre stretch of the main promenade. This ban was in order to stop dog mess, but Muñoz says that it has simply moved the problem elsewhere. He stresses the need for owners to be responsible in order to ensure that dogs can be in public areas.

Pipper's tour will come to a conclusion in May.

More information www.pipperontour.com