Colonia Sant Jordi, famed for its salt.


Las Salines de s'Avall in Colonia Sant Jordi are said to date back to the fourth century BC and to be the second oldest saltworks in the world. Since 1989 there has been no extraction of salt and the salt content of the surrounding land has increased as a result.

The Salinas are now part of the Es Trenc-Salobrar Nature Park, and a private company has been given the go-ahead by the Balearic Environment Commission to restore the salt mining operation and to resume extraction. The commission has set out requirements by which historical elements and flora and fauna are to be given maximum protection. The company will also need to abide by regulations governing the nature park and to conduct work in an "artisan" manner. It is estimated that at the height of the salt-collection season, some 105 kilos of salt will be extracted per day - up to 25,000 kilos in all. This will be done with the aid of a pump to provide water to the salt ponds. Noise will be avoided, and the work will be carried out once or twice a year.

The necessary procedures have been completed in order to allow commercial activity in an area of - in all - 270,000 square metres. Just under a half of this area can provide salt production.

As well as being in the nature park, Las Salines de s'Avall has high protected status as an area of special conservation, a special area for the protection of birds, and a natural area of special interest.