Containers ablaze in Playa de Palma.

28-11-2018Raúl Moreno

A pyromaniac was arrested by the National Police overnight yesterday. He was detained in connection with acts of deliberate fire-starting (setting rubbish containers alight) in the Playa de Palma area.

The arrest has resulted from operations that have involved up to one hundred National Police and Palma police officers. The security forces have been hunting for the person (or persons) responsible for having set fire to 330 objects, mostly rubbish containers and occasionally vehicles.

At the end of November, a number of containers were set on fire in two streets in Playa de Palma - Lisboa and Marineta. More recently, i.e. last Sunday, four containers were set ablaze the calle Dofí.

Indications are that the person detained by the police could have been acting in a copycat fashion and may not be the individual responsible for the majority of incidents.