Work on extending the walkway on the walls in Alcudia.

25-01-2019Elena Ballestero

While work continues on restoring the part of the walls in Alcudia that collapsed in September, other work is being carried out on extending the walkway on the walls. The town hall is close to completing the creation of stretches on the north and west sides of the walls in order to connect what was started some ten years ago to the main gate - the Porta de Mallorca, also known as the Porta de Sant Sebastià.

The gate itself, or rather the stone structure, has needed urgent restorative work, says heritage councillor Barbara Rebassa. The work currently being undertaken, she adds, will ensure that the walls are far more "lasting". The problem with the part that fell down lay with the type of cement that had been used some forty years ago and its permeability.

The extension and restoration work is being funded with 400,000 euros of tourist tax revenue. This had been agreed before the incident in September. The stretch between Sant Jaume Church and the calle Serra, which is where the collapse occurred, is also being treated to additional restoration work.

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