Electric scooters in Plaça Cort.

29-01-2019Teresa Ayuga

Palma town hall has so far received ten requests by companies seeking authorisation to operate electric scooters. Joan Ferrer, the mobility councillor, says that no authorisation has yet been given because the town hall is waiting for a legal services report. Under consideration is whether permission can or cannot be given to this type of company.

At present there are two companies renting out scooters, and they are doing so without authorisation. The town hall's view is that the scooters contravene bylaws for the use of the public way and and for circulation. Part of the reasoning for the former is that scooters cannot be left on the public way. If companies have premises, as is the case with bike hire outlets, then they may be able to get activity licences, but they cannot use the public way (pavements, streets) as a platform for running a business.

Ferrer stresses that the town hall is not against the scooters but wants to make clear that the public way means public and not private activities. Moreover, he adds, the scooters can be left in places where they create obstacles for pedestrians.

His department has not given the two companies any ultimatum, but Ferrer notes that Palma police can order the scooters to be removed if they consider this necessary.