The education ministry has taken over the old Sa Nostra building.

29-05-2017Pere Bota

The Balearic government owns 175 properties. These include historic buildings with official purposes, such as the Consolat de Mar, the government's headquarters. They also include schools, commercial units, laboratories, sports facilities, warehouses, rustic fincas, a youth hostel, an old barracks and some cemetery tombs.

Salvador Aguilera, formerly of Podemos and now assigned to the Mixed Group in parliament, sent a written request asking the government to detail its properties, including those it rents.

Despite having these various properties, the government spends 4.44 million euros a year in rent. This figure will be higher as it does not include rents for the government's companies; these include the likes of the SFM rail operator.

The finance and public administration ministry spends more than any other ministry in renting facilities - 1.98 million euros. This all, save around 18,000 for some offices in the centre of Palma, goes on the Balearic School of Public Administration, the building on the Son Rossinyol estate which became the centre of media attention when it was used for the Nóos trial (Princess Cristina, Iñaki Urdangarin, Jaume Matas et al).

The social services ministry spends 1.17 million on six properties. The education ministry's new head offices cost 600,000 euros. The employment, trade and industry ministry pays rent of 569,774 euros, mostly all of which is for the SOIB employment offices. The environment ministry has a modest spend of 46,569 euros, and Bel Busquet's vice-presidency pays rent of just over 15,000 euros.

Although the government has the 175 properties, most wouldn't be suitable, while some would require work that would make them more costly than the rents being paid, or at least in the short term.