Jaume Alzamora, director of Aetib. | Archive

The Balearic tourism strategy agency Aetib has started a project to promote exchange trips between Majorcan and US students and entrepreneurs. The aims are to increase the number of American visitors and to capture talent.

The Aetib director, Jaume Alzamora, met with representatives of Spain's tourism bureau in New York at the recent Fitur fair in Madrid. This was to discuss the scheduling of visits in October to universities in the eastern US and to technology businesses. He hopes that these visits will lead to strategic alliances with universities and businesses which will benefit all parties.

The principal cities will be Boston, Chicago, Miami and New York. With logistical support from the bureau, those making the visits will include representatives of Balearic technology businesses and the University of the Balearic Islands. There is additional backing from the Majorca Hoteliers Federation, the Chamber of Commerce and the ParcBit technology park.

Alzamora also plans fam (familiarisation) trips to the Balearics for American tour operators and travel agencies. These trips are part of a drive to attract more US tourism.

As for the capturing of talent, Aetib wants to assist in bringing research students and entrepreneurs to ParcBit and the university's tourism faculty. This will help, Alzamora says, in increasing "know how" for both tourism and business.