One of the various images and themes from the new campaign.

Palma has a new promotional slogan. 'This is Palma' is the latest idea. It has cost 15,000 euros and it comes in the form of various images with the slogan that are aimed at both visitors and island residents.

Tourism councillor Joana Adrover says that the plan is to reveal an unexpected side to the city, the hidden side. "It has always been there, but attention has not been given to the authentic city, which can be discovered at any time of the year."

The campaign therefore covers history, business, theatre, Joan Miró, artisan craft, sport, health, architecture, gastronomy and more. There are many aspects, Adrover explains, "which take us closer to the essence of the city". Palma, she adds, is "rich in heritage". The city has an authentic history, it is cosmopolitan, full of culture and distinct from "franchise cities".