The meeting of recreational fishermen at the S'Estanyol yacht club. |

The Cabrera National Park is due to be expanded by nine times, with most of the increase applying to the marine environment. With the expansion will come certain restrictions, and recreational fishermen are among those who will be affected.

At a meeting at the yacht club in S'Estanyol on Wednesday, fishermen decided to create a group that will consider carrying out protests against the expansion. While they agree that there should be a park, they are against its size being increased and the fact that they will be prohibited from fishing when traditional fishermen will still be able to.

With representatives from various associations, the gathering was of the view that their numbers will make politicians take note of their objections. Some 100,000 people, it was said, take part in recreational fishing. The group being created is called the Platform in Defence of the Future of Recreational Fishing.

Meetings with specific political parties are being planned. These parties can expect to be told that the recreational fishing community can be influential at the elections in May. Those attending concluded that they could "change the president of the Balearic government".

There were criticisms of the lack of consensus that had been sought by the environment minister, Vicenç Vidal, and also of environmentalists GOB and Terraferida.