The new facility will be at the port in Alcudia. | Gabriel Alomar

Alcudia town hall is processing the licence to build a cement storage and distribution facility at the port. It will occupy over 2,000 square metres and feature silos of eighteen metres height.

The project's public consultation phase ended on Friday. Once the final go-ahead is given, building will be staggered and mean that for the first four years there will be minimum capacity of 65,000 tonnes. This will increase to 90,000.

The town hall was initially opposed to the project. However, the Balearic Ports Authority gave its approval last summer, and the town hall accepted that the facility will comply with regulations under the plan for the port.

Urban planning councillor Joaquín Cantalapiedra says that a pneumatic system will prevent particulates and that the town hall has insisted that measures are adopted to minimise noise.

Environmentalists GOB and the local pressure group Salvem el Moll are opposed to the facility. Salvem el Moll have linked it to the closure of the Cemex plant in Lloseta. They maintain that a company, Transpulve, will get a monopoly for the import of cement into Majorca.