Palma had almost 840,000 passengers in January. | Pere Bota

January passenger numbers at Palma's Son Sant Joan Airport rose by 19% to 839,967. This was a record figure for a January.

The majority of passengers were on national flights. International passengers amounted to 361,225 - 41% of the total. Germany provided 229,207 passengers and the UK 48,827. Commercial flights increased by 20% to 8,373, with Austria, Denmark, Germany and Italy having shown the greatest growth. Austrian passengers increased to 17,182, the result of improved connections with Vienna.

Nationally, there was a seven per cent increase in passenger numbers to 16,583,200. Almost eleven million were on international flights. Nearly all the major airports registered increases, with Palma's - in relative terms - having been the highest. Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport had the most passengers (4.4 million), a rise of 6.2% compared with January 2018. Only Gran Canaria didn't register more passengers. As far as the airports authority Aena was concerned, the 1,180,847 in January equated to growth of zero per cent.