Valldemossa, popular with tourists. | Teresa Ayuga

Pressure groups Palma XXI and Tramuntana XXI yesterday presented findings from a study of human pressure. This shows that the human pressure index for Valldemossa - at its height - is 154 tourists for each 100 residents of the municipality. By comparison, it was noted, Palma's ratio is 94 tourists for each 100 and Barcelona's is just eleven.

The report reveals that between 2012 and 2017 there was a 43% increase in the number of tourist establishments in Valldemossa. On a day in mid-August, some 1,150 people (other then residents) have accommodation in the municipality. One of the "most visible" causes of the increase in tourist numbers has been the rise in holiday rentals. There has been a progressive increase since 2010, so that last year there were 250 apartments with more than 800 places.

From a survey of tourists themselves, over half were of the opinion that there are "many people" on the streets and in the shops of Valldemossa. Observations about tourist numbers by tourists differed between people staying there and cruise passengers on excursions. The former believed that there were many people, while the cruise passengers felt the number was acceptable.

As for residents, 44% were of the view that the streets are full of people; 50% that tourist numbers affect their everyday lives; 42% that there is an excessive number of tourists in the old centre.