Palma police during the operation in Son Gotleu. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

A joint anti-drugs operation by the National Police and Palma police led to various arrests on Friday in the Son Gotleu neighbourhood.

Operation Warrior targeted homes, bars, locutorios and convenience stores. Several streets were cordoned off when the operation started at five in the afternoon. Dozens of officers with the assistance of a National Police helicopter took part in the operation.

Three bars, used for the sale of drugs, were sealed off and searched meticulously. In one of the stores that was raided, a hiding place, presumably for drugs, was uncovered. Quantities of hash and marijuana were seized and the identities of eighteen immigrants were checked. Seven of them were found to be illegal. The immigrants were running ten establishments open to the public. Two of these were sealed due to serious irregularities and the lack of necessary licences.

A senior police officer commented that Son Gotleu is "chaos" and that it is necessary for people to understand that they cannot get away with breaking the law. The new chief of the National Police in the Balearics, Gonzalo Espino Cruz, has made clear that he is not going to allow Son Gotleu to become a drugs ghetto like Son Banya.