Clashes during the protest against an eviction. | Informatiu Balear

Three National Police officers were slightly injured on Monday during clashes with anti-eviction protesters who had gathered to impede an eviction in Palma.

A court had ordered the eviction of tenants last month. The voluntary period for them to leave had expired. The police had expected the protest as a representative from Stop Desahucios Mallorca had asked the judicial commission to not carry out the eviction and had informed the commission that there would otherwise be a protest. The police version of events, which was issued yesterday, has it that the atmosphere turned hostile, with members of the group having incited this among others who had gathered: there were some fifty people in all.

Eight officers were involved in the eviction and cordoned off the front of the building so that the judicial commission could carry out the eviction order. The people in the street, say the police, attempted to use force to get into the building. Police were jostled and blows were landed. In addition, one of the protesters bit a police officer's hand.

On Monday, Stop Desahucios Mallorca denounced police action during the eviction.