Employment minister Iago Negueruela giving information about workplace accidents. | CAIB

According to a study of job satisfaction and opportunities by the recruitment consultancy Adecco, the best region in the country to work is the Balearics.

A year ago the Balearics were third but have moved up to first with an overall rating of 6.9 (out of ten). The average salary in the Balearics is put at 1,594 euros and employment is around 90%. The average increase in salary over the past year - 3.2% - was the highest in the country.

Just two regions, the Balearics and Navarre, have registered increases in worker spending power (evaluated against the rise in the cost of living). In all other regions, this has gone down.

In the Balearics, the proportion of long-term unemployed (17.2%) is the lowest in Spain. This is the best percentage for any region over the past seven years. The employment rate of 89.9% is also the best in the country for the same period of time.

Furthermore, the study suggests that social security cover in the Balearics is the best for accidents, unemployment and the time needed to find new employment. The accident rate in the Balearics is, however, the highest in Spain: 93 for every 10,000 employees. The increase in the rate between 2013 and 2018 was the second highest in the country, though Balearic employment ministry figures show that the great majority of accidents were slight.

The employment minister, Iago Negueruela, yesterday presented the annual report for workplace accidents. There were some 20,500 during 2018. More than half of these involved employees in the first year of their jobs, suggesting that improved training would help with the prevention of accidents.