The Charterhouse, where the problems became evident some seven years ago. | Archive

Valldemossa's tourism and trade councillor, Jaume Salvà, has resigned in order to take over at the head of the company that runs the Valldemossa Charterhouse. There are fears that it might close, there having been a period of difficulty caused by the economic crisis, a changing "model" of tourism and the company's loss of cell number four; this was to do with the controversy over the authenticity of Chopin's cell.

There are six members of this company, one of which is the town hall. It has been faced with the possible dissolution of the company. Given this, the mayor, Nadal Torres, has proposed a reassessment of the management, new incentives to attract visitors and the gradual opening of new parts of the Charterhouse.

Salvá says that this will ensure the continued employment of twenty people, an improvement to the company's financial situation, and preservation of the Charterhouse heritage.

Although Valldemossa is said to suffer from tourist saturation, tour operators have been changing their excursions (the "model" of tourism), and this has made a dent in visitor numbers.

The new incentives being envisaged include a room in the name of Nicaraguan poet Ruben Dario, visits to the old infirmary and tower, leadinge-edge audiovisual presentations and new products. There is to also be a diversification of activities. This will mean, for instance, tastings of local products such as ecological olive oil.