The two in court in Palma yesterday. | Guillermo Esteban

Two Colombians, aged 18 and 22, have been sentenced to five years three months and four years nine months respectively for an incident in Palma last October when a young woman was pushed from the fourth floor of an apartment building.

On 23 October there was an argument involving the three of them at the apartment on the calle Benet Pons i Fabregas. The younger male punched the woman in the face, which resulted in the loss of a tooth. He then pushed her to the floor, sat on her and started to hit her. The older male, her boyfriend, grabbed her arms so that she couldn't defend herself.

She managed to extricate herself and ran to the bathroom and then to a bedroom. The younger male then pushed her so that she fell through the window. She was then hanging from the shutter of an apartment on a lower floor. The owner prevented her from falling to the ground, but the two males came for her, took her back to the apartment and in effect tried to waterboard her.

At this point the police arrived. The two confronted the officers but were restrained and arrested.

As well as the prison sentences, the Provincial Court yesterday ordered the two to pay the woman compensation of 20,750 euros.