Protest by cleaning workers outside the Aena building. | Miquel À. Cañellas

The works committee at the company that holds the cleaning contract at Palma's Son Sant Joan Airport yesterday staged a protest about working conditions.

The SITE union has a majority on the committee, and so it was this union which organised the two-hour protest. Grievances include a violation of labour rights, no time off for fiestas, overwork and "illegal" workers.

The union says that if its demands are not dealt with, it will call a strike over Easter. It was yesterday expressing its discontent with the Aena airports authority and a contractual arrangement with the company, Urbaser-Sirsa, that creates "job insecurity for the workers".

Two other unions with works committee representation, the UGT and the USO, didn't go along with the protest. They said that SITE had initiated protest action without first having sought other ways of, for instance, ensuring time off in lieu of fiestas. USO representatives told the committee that they want negotiations and that if these fail to reach an agreement, only then will they consider collective action.