Nine arrests were made following the searches.

The Guardia Civil have confirmed that they impounded over 100,000 items of a pyrotechnic nature during inspections of thirty Chinese shops last week. These stores were in Cala Millor, Campos, Can Picafort, Inca, Lloseta, Llucmajor, Palma, Porto Cristo and also Sant Antoni in Ibiza.

These items were on sale without any control and were available to minors. They included powerful rockets, firecrackers and flares that infringed consumer regulations in terms of labelling, registered marks and quality control. Many of these items, for which there was false documentation, were being stored in a reckless fashion.

Officers also discovered simulated weapons that can fire six millimetre balls. Also dangerously powerful, if fired at close range they could result in the loss of an eye. They were being bought by small companies which were then reselling them for fiestas. There was no authorisation for them to be on sale.

The Guardia operation was also against counterfeit products. Nine people have so far been arrested.