The drugs were hidden inside a machine that was in a shipping container.

A Colombian drugs gang known as Los Pachenca was attempting to import 150 kilos of cocaine into Majorca. This was frustrated when the the drugs were found hidden inside a solvent recovery machine.

The Guardia's organised crime squad had been liaising with Colombian police for five months. They were alerted to the fact that the gang was intending to bring cocaine to Majorca via the Netherlands.

From information obtained following raids during which mobile phones were impounded, the Guardia Civil discovered that the drugs were to be despatched from Colombia inside pieces of metal. The police in Colombia were advised to inspect the machine that was in a container. The Colombian police had in fact infiltrated the gang and spent three months before making their move on Wednesday last week.

This was part of a wider operation dubbed Tinanum, which is ongoing. Thirty-nine people have so far been arrested, and the Guardia Civil have been active in Peru and Colombia, in cooperation with the countries' police forces, as well as in Spanish cities and Majorca. Almost 800,000 euros, proceeds from the sale of drugs, have been seized.