Albufera, over 2,000 hectares of nature park.

23-03-2008Andrew Ede

The Albufera Nature Park is to increase by 25%. Under the plan for the organisation of natural resources, the park will add 417 hectares to take it to 2,059 hectares. In addition, and for the first time in the Balearics, there will be a peripheral protection zone which won't form part of the park.

In presenting the expansion project yesterday, environment minister Vicenç Vidal said that it will assist with conservation and limit impact caused by what happens outside its boundaries. Although there has been protected status since 1988 (when the wetland park was declared), it has never been included in the plan for natural resources. Over the years and with increased external pressures, it became necessary to include it.

Among challenges for the management of Albufera is the increasing salt level. The expansion will bring in adjoining land, much of it plots that have been abandoned, and create boundaries that genuinely correspond to the wetland area in Muro and Sa Pobla.

The Son Bosc finca, for years the site of a possible golf course, will be incorporated, as will be the Es Comú beach, the rustic beach in front of the forest that extends to the boundary with Can Picafort. The main aim of this is the conservation of the dunes system.

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