Presentation of the Return Trip campaign.

Calvia town hall has launched a new campaign against excessive drinking by tourists and so-called balconing. Aimed at British and Irish visitors, it goes under the title Return Trip and contains the message "if you want to return home in one piece, you should control your behaviour". Posters are to be put up in various parts of the UK and Ireland.

The young market, defined as 15 to 29, is being targeted and warned about the risks of drinking excessively and the injuries or even death that can result from moving or jumping from balcony to balcony. The two resorts the town hall has in mind are obvious enough - Magalluf and Santa Ponsa.

The campaign features photographic images that emphasise - on an emotional level - the personal risks. Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez says that the campaign does not say anything about bylaws or fines. Rather, it is designed to bring home the effects of alcohol excess.