Party boat. | R.L.

Calvia Council has handed down the first fine of the year to a company for organising and advertising a “party boat” in Magalluf on line, which last Saturday set sail with 180 partygoers on board.

Yesterday, the Bulletin revealed that Calvia Council was poised to take action against bars and clubs advertising similar activities on line and yesterday the town council under lined that party boats are illegal.

The boat party was held on the April 5 and the Local Police launched an investigation following the forced entry of the metallic gate to the pier in Magalluf where the boat was moored.

Police set up a surveillance operation and spotted scores of people boarding a boat on the pier, many were wearing T-shirts with the slogan “Tans will fade but the memories will last”
The local police eventually boarded the boat and found crates of beer and spirits.
The company operating this party, which cost between 25 euros for a standard ticket and 30 euros for a VIP ticket which included a free bar, now faces a fine of between 600 and 1,500 euros for organising and celebrating this party and another 1,500 for advertising the event on the Internet.

The main entrance gate to the jetty, through which tourists accessed the “party boat”, will now be reinforced to prevent the jetty from being used again by the companies planning further boat parties this season.

In addition to excessive consumption of alcohol and loud music, about which residents living along the coast in the area have been complaining for years, the boat parties also feature games of a sexual nature.

The local police took a record of everything that happened and photographs as evidence. Calvia Council, which last year introduced tough new laws in order to make pub crawls more of less illegal, also warned that party boats would be banned from the municipality.

Special team
Over the past few months, a special team of officers has been combing the Internet looking for web sites advertising boat parties, pub crawls, champagne spray events, a two hour free bar after parties and mega boats with a capacity for 350 people with live DJs, in order to shut the sites down and also fine the businesses behind the parties which Calvia want to outlaw.

Strict bylaws tackling antisocial behaviour have been introduced over the past few years and they have had a positive effect, attracting greater private investment and the return of family holidays.