The suspect leaving court yesterday.

The 20-year-old who deliberately drove into a group of people, injuring four, along the Playa de Palma in the early hours of Saturday morning, was yesterday ordered to be held on remand in Palma prison.

The court heard how the young man, who has a criminal record and is known to the police, had been involved in a fight earlier in a pub in the area that night.

Then at 4.20am, he intentionally drove into a group of people who were walking along the pavement.

The suspect immediately ditched the car and ran off to join an accomplice who as waiting nearby in a stolen car. The two then fled the scene.

The vehicle was however located by the National Police some hours later abandoned in what is left of the Son Banya shanty town and, based on the evidence the police were able to collect, they were able to identify, locate and arrest the driver.

One of the mother’s of the four who were injured managed to take a photograph of the suspect and posted it on Facebook calling for revenge, the National Police managed to quickly intervene to prevent and revenge incidents.

However, the victim who suffered the worst of the injuries, a 15-year-old teenager, yesterday remained in intensive care although doctors no longer feared for her life.
The driver was charged with attempted homicide, failing to stop at an accident and and various other traffic infractions.