Some of the stolen goods recovered.


The National Police have arrested two men aged 23 and 26 in connection with a spate of car break-ins and robberies in Palma last Saturday night/Sunday morning.

The National Police reported that a total of ten cars in the puerta San Antonio neighbourhood were broken in to.

The arrests were the result of a special operation which the National Police mounted in response to a recent wave of similar break-ins across the capital.

The police said yesterday that the two suspects could be responsible for a host of robberies in various parts of the capital.

Both have long criminal records and have been arrested on 20 previous occasions - mainly for burglary and armed robbery.

The two men were caught near the area where the vehicles were broken into carrying various stolen items.

Some of the stolen goods have already been returned to their rightful owners, including a collection of rare and valuable coins. National Police sources said yesterday that the investigation remains open in order to solve other similar crimes and ascertain of they were using a “fence” to sell the stolen goods on.

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