An estimated 250,00 cyclists are coming to practice the sport in Majorca this year.


The Council of Majorca’s Cycle Security Commission, yesterday called on all cycle rental outlets to install all of their bicycles with rear lights and reflectors.

It is not obligatory by law, but the council said that it is highly advisable.

The commission has also finally given the green light for the island’s network of cycle routes to be properly indicated and, where necessary, the widening of hard shoulders to increase the space between cyclists and motorists.

A total of 28 roads have been singled out for such safety improvements with the aim of extending the hard shoulders to 1.80 metres in width.

Majorca is the main holiday destination for European cyclists this year with an estimated 250,000 cyclists, a 25% increase over this year, coming to the island according to tour operators which specialise in cycle holidays, companies involved in organising sporting events and data from the regional administration.

The increase in cyclists has been progressive since 2010, hence the hotels’ commitment to adapt facilities and services to cater for this offer of active tourism that plays a key role in decentralising the season considering that nearly 80% of cyclists come in the low season months from mid-December to the end of June.

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