Staff at a bar.

24-06-2018GEMMA ANDREU¶

The bar and restaurant sector is facing a staff shortage and is having to try and recruit employees in the United Kingdom, Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

It appears that the construction and hotel sectors are proving more attractive because the wages are higher, according to the president of the Majorcan Restaurant Association, Alfonso Robledo. He maintains that his sector needs between 15 and 20 percent more staff - some 30,000 employees.

“The biggest problem is in the coastal resorts, Palma is pretty much well staffed. Apart from salaries being lower than in other industries, seasonal staff now face the big problem of finding affordable rental accommodation.

The high rental rates are turning people away from the Balearics in general. Robledo said that employers are turning to the United Kingdom and Germany and claimed that young people from Northern Europe are not so concerned about the wages because many make the most of coming here to learn Spanish and spend the summer working in the sun.