The street in which the Briton damaged eight vehicles.


A 26-year-old Briton was yesterday fined 720 euros for damaging a number of parked cars in the early hours of September 2, 2014 in Calle Fedferico Garcia Lorca, Magalluf, just a few metres from infamous strip, Punta Ballena.

The court heard yesterday that the incident occurred at 2am while the individual was walking along the road.

Aged 21-at the time of the incident, he apparently suddenly began kicking and hitting vehicles in his path.

He was arrested some hours later by the Local Police after having damaged to varying degrees a total eight vehicles.

In some cases he had smashed a rearview window, cracked windshields and damaged bumpers.

Prior to the case coming to court, the individual had covered 4,500 euros worth of damages and this was taken in to account in court yesterday. Initially the fine was going to be six euros per day paid over a period of 12 months, yesterday it was reduced to four euros per day over six months.

The suspect did not appear in court in Palma for the sentencing.