An environment ministry agent checking water at a golf course.


The environment ministry has so far this year issued fines totalling 444,179 euros for the illegal extraction of water by golf courses in Majorca.

By far the largest fine has been incurred by the Son Gual course in Palma; it will have to pay a total of 415,800 euros. Environment ministry agents detected two holes and machinery for drawing water. These were in breach of measures that had been imposed when a similar discovery was made in 2016.

The seriousness of the offence has incurred a specific fine of 375,000 euros on top of which there are 40,800 euros in respect of a 2009 ruling by the ministry. This had to do with the extraction of water from four wells. There had been authorisation for the holes but only for taking soundings. The golf course had failed to seal the wells.

The other fines have been for Pollensa Golf - 25,859 euros - and Golf Maioris in Llucmajor (2,520 euros).