The Barralina finca.


The Council of Majorca's agency for the defence of territory (ADT) has formally denounced polo competitions in Campos to the prosecution service. These competitions, the agency maintains, are continuing to be held at the Barralina finca despite this rustic land having no urban licence.

The Council's land department put a stop to activity at the finca in 2017. Mercedes Garrido, the councillor for land, says that the ADT has been made aware of the 2017 order having been broken. Therefore, it has taken the matter up with the prosecution service.

The agency makes clear that it is applying the law and that it is neither in favour nor against polo fields. Legislation states that in order to turn a finca into a polo field, there has to be an urban licence. There isn't one, and the Balearic High Court confirmed the order to stop the activity.

There was due to have been a competition last weekend. This was called off because of the weather. A website has publicised the Copa de Pascua at Barralina, which is scheduled to conclude on Sunday.