Climate change protest in Palma.

25-04-2019Pere Bota

Some 150 people protested in Palma on Thursday in demanding urgent political action against climate change.

The demonstration was called by a youth group for climate and was timed to coordinate with protests in other cities. A march from Plaça de la Porta Pintada ended outside the office of the national government delegation.

The group, Joventut pel Clima, was formed by university students and has followed the initiative of the Swedish sixteen-year-old Greta Thunberg in calling for immediate actions by governments. The theme of the Palma protest was "climate emergency; save the planet now".

Outside the delegation's office, a declaration was read out that considered the effects of climate change on Majorca and the island's economic model. "Tourist massification affects our natural resources, especially the availability of water, and creates a disproportionate amount of waste. It also affect biodiversity, for example through damage to posidonia sea grass." Natural resources are limited, the declaration continued. "If there are not remedial measures, Majorca will pass from being a tourism theme park to being a desert."

There were also criticisms of road-building and a lack of environmental policies in political parties' election manifestos.