Marga Prohens, who faced a tough press conference on Sunday night.

28-04-2019Teresa Ayuga

The Partido Popular in the Balearics suffered an awful election result. The loss of two deputies in Congress leaves them with just the one, who will be Marga Prohens, until recently the party's chief spokesperson in the Balearic parliament. It has also pushed them into fourth place in terms of the share of the vote behind PSOE, Unidas Podemos and Ciudadanos.

While the PP have slumped, PSOE have gained - six per cent greater share of the vote and one more deputy, making three in all. Podemos can be satisfied with having retained their two seats in Congress, despite a slight fall in the share of the vote.

Ciudadanos, who might have expected to have done rather better, increased their share of the vote from 14.5% to 17.4% and kept hold of their one seat, which will be occupied by the one-time PSOE national secretary-of-state for tourism, Joan Mesquida. Where the share of vote was concerned, Podemos, the Cs and the PP were roughly similar: Podemos got 17.8% and the PP 16.8%.

Vox, as opinion polls had suggested, won one seat with 11.3%. Malena Contesti will be their representative. The party had hoped to get two seats.

Neither Més, who stood under the banner of Veus Progressistes with others, nor El Pi came close to gaining a seat.

For the Senate, where PSOE now have an absolute majority (123 senators; the threshold is 105), the regional party obtained four of the five seats. Two of these new senators are well known in Majorca: Cosme Bonet, who was in charge of economic affairs at the Council of Majorca, and Susanna Moll, education and sports councillor at Palma town hall. The fifth senator is the PP's Maria Salom, a one-time president of the Council of Majorca and ex-delegate in the Balearics for the national government.